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The faces of Anzalone
Kik Anzalone

Kik Anzalone

Meet Kik. She is one of 3 owner operators. She is from Beung Kan Thailand but now lives in Boise, Idaho. With her innate cooking skills she has brought the very first Thai curry pizza to the 208. She is the face of Anzalone Pizza so be prepared to see her often.

Tyler Anzalone

Tyler Anzalone

This is Tyler. He is an owner and operator of Anzalone Pizza. He has over a decade of experience in this field. He is the head cook and makes it look easy. He takes his passion for this art and shapes it into your next meal. Come on down and see it for yourself. 

Tony Anzalone

Tony Anzalone

Here is Tony aka Big Tony. He is the heart of Anzalone Pizza. Without him there wouldn’t be an Anzalone Pizza. When he isn’t busy teaching full time to the natives of the Alaskan bush, he’s at Anzalone’s overseeing operations. He’s a big guy with a big heart and a big smile, feel free to stop by and meet the man yourself.